This is the blog post that kicked off much of the debate currently going on about foundation practice, and that we are trying to capture with this Foundational Thinking initiative.

Jake makes a 19-point denunciation of the way foundations cause the charity sector to ‘degrade themselves’ in response to structures that ‘reduce a highly complex world into amateur box-ticking’, including:

  • Hoard power within a group of people who don’t give enough time (and don’t always have the expertise) to be effective
  • Set up funding in a way that encourages charities to compete rather than collaborate
  • Distrust charities with money.
  • Build decision making committees out of people without expertise to make decisions
  • Turn innovators into operators.
  • Fail to share insight.
  • Define sustainability as the growth of an organisation through revenue
  • Exclude service users and front-line workers.

Source: Not Fit For Purpose: Why I’m Done With the Foundation World | The Brookfield Group.