The JEF commissioned nfpSynergy to survey over 400 charities and their fundraisers, with an Open Forum for those who responded and interviews with 13 fundraisers.

  • Charities value unrestricted grants very highly and would accept over 30% less grant if it was unrestricted.
  • Charities want to cut down on the vast amounts of time and energy spent on the application process. 97% agreed that ‘better feedback’ was something they wanted. A similar number think more core costs and unrestricted grants are needed.
  • On average, charities raise £9.90 for every £1 spent on grant-fundraising. Smaller charities are less successful with applications than larger ones.
  • Charities find it extremely frustrating if they cannot find up-to-date information on grant criteria, if criteria are too vague, or their applications are rejected for reasons that could have been made clear before applying.
  • Charities prefer decision-making in 3 months or less, but say grant-makers often take 6-12 months. Charities and grant-makers would benefit from applications made online or by email.
  • Multi-year funding and core funding would make grant-makers’ money go further.
  • Proportionate paperwork would bring benefits for both funders and applicants.

Source: Taking nothing for granted | nfpSynergy