David Carrington was invited by ACF and Kings Fund to ‘stand on a soap box’. He suggested funders:

  • are “uniquely resistant to change”
  • are reluctant to not only fund immediate need but also to support simultaneously the advocacy, campaigning or policy work which could ensure that need no longer exists. Funders don’t want to secure high level change as well as into helping local, practical activity.
  • underfund VCOs, don’t offer FCR, impose conditions which lead to unnecessary risk taking, impose high transactions costs and don’t help grantees prepare for life after funding.
  • Agree limited timetables for long term goals which require long term interventions
  • Don’t meet the same standards of governance, capacity, skills, training, diversity, user involvement, accountability and transparency, etc. which  they expect of grantees
  • Could learn more from what they do, appraise themselves and share that learning
  • Could benefit from being more curious, dissatisfied, telling more stories, collaborative, adventurous and accountable

Source: David Carrington