This study, based on an extensive literature review, supplemented by a series of expert
interviews on both sides of the Atlantic, concludes:

  • Grantmakers have a particularly important role to play in improving the effectiveness of voluntary and community organisations in the UK thanks to their clout, contacts, knowledge and independence.
  • There are as yet few macro evaluations of what works best, and why.
  • Many US foundations decide what change they would like to bring about through their funding and then consider what forms of support are most likely to achieve it.
  • There is increasing focus on developing leadership competences within voluntary and community organisations.
  • Grantmakers with a common interest in a given issue or place can come together to jointly boost the capacity of the voluntary and community organisations within it. By pooling their expertise, contacts and cash, they can both increase impact and reduce funding risk.
  • In the US, the debate has now turned to the capacity of grantmaking foundations themselves.

Source: Foundations for Organisational Development