Niki Jagpal and Kevin Laskowski explore how:

  • The movement toward “strategic philanthropy” has contributed to greater philanthropic effectiveness in many ways. However, the increased focus on narrow issue silos is marginalizing an important part of the social change ecosystem
  • Looking beyond issue silos and investing in multi-issue and multi-constituency work is one way that philanthropy can contribute to a robust democracy and help us build the social capital and develop the leadership we need to return to the America that Alexis de Tocqueville lauded for its voluntary associations.
  • Strategic philanthropy has underlined the importance of marshalling and focusing dollars for a cause but inexplicably stops short at funding groups that unite and focus people and organizations for a cause. The smart grantmaker, understands the limits of strategic philanthropy. It is myopic for a foundation to implement its grantmaking strategy without acknowledging the imperative to look beyond its chosen issue area and the interconnectedness of its focal issue with other causes.

Source:  National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy