A feature in response to Jake Hayman’s blog included contributions from three trust leaders: Sara Llewellin from Barrow Cadbury said:

  • Collaboration should only be employed if it’s value for money – it can be costly and self-indulgent
  • Funders should streamline and simplify processes and act in a more transparent way

Julian Corner, Lankelly Chase said:

  • Reduced government spending means foundations have key role in influencing how the state spends remaining funds
  • Foundations should fund research demonstrating the impact of early intervention and identifying where demand for services is coming from

Andrew Barnett from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation said:

  • Relationship between foundations and charities should be seen as a partnership between change-makers rather than purely a funder/beneficiary arrangement
  • Foundations (and others in the charity world) need to concentrate on what they’re best placed to do – funders need to consider the long term effects of funding rather than just supporting short-term projects

Source: Third Sector