A crucial role as risk takers?

Research undertaken by the UK Association of Charitable Foundations casts a revealing light on the UK sector’s relationship to the country’s emerging social investment market. It also potentially suggests {...}

Taking a chance on longevity: a third option for endowed foundations

Richard Jenkins argues existing in perpetuity and spending are not the only options for endowed foundations. His article suggests a third way. Source: Alliance magazine

Moving the Ford Foundation Forward – 2015

Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, argues: We need more integration. Thus, we’re breaking down silos so that program officers join interdisciplinary teams with flexible assignments We will {...}

The Source Codes of Foundation Culture 2015

Tom David and Kathleen Enright suggest that: a positive internal culture is an essential bedrock for effective philanthropy, and as a sector, this is habitually neglected as an important {...}

Margaret Bolton – Foundations and Social Investment

Findings: It is often assumed that only large foundations have the resources to engage in social investment. However, many of the foundations experimenting successfully with social investment are small {...}

ACF – Charitable trusts and foundations’ engagement in the social investment market – 2013

This report concluded that: Ten foundations are responsible for nearly 90 per cent of social investment by charitable trusts and foundations in the UK. Charitable foundations, even those with {...}