Transparency, Performance Assessment, and Awareness of Nonprofits: Are Foundations and Nonprofits Seeing Eye to Eye?

Ellie Buteau, Mark Chaffin and Ramya Gopal suggest: Foundation and nonprofit CEOs are not aligned in two areas: the value of increased foundation transparency and whether or not foundations {...}

Alternatives to the Fiery Furnace: Thoughtful Reporting Requirements

Jessica Bearman explores:  “What do you do with the reports that you receive?” — I often get sheepish grins in response. As one grantmaker told me, “In theory, I’d {...}

Eyes Wide Open: Learning as Strategy Under Conditions of Complexity and Uncertainty

Patricia Patrizi, Elizabeth Heid Thompson,Julia Coffman and Tanya Beer explore the “traps” that hamper foundations in advancing the kind of robust learning needed to guide strategy in these complex {...}

Npc – How are you getting on? 2009

NPC report: Funders often wish to see more sophisticated data and analysis from charities but few funders consistently fund grantees’ monitoring and evaluation work, and one in three never {...}

NPC – Funding Impact – 2013

NPC report: 88% (89%) think that measuring impact makes charities (funders) more effective. 73% say their focus on impact measurement has increased over the past five years and 72% {...}

Inside the mind of a grant-maker: Useful stuff on how grant-making works | nfpSynergy

This research was based on interviews with 23 grantmakers. Some of the key findings were: Applications are not increasing, despite expectations but those with “small and easily accessible funding {...}